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We carry a variety of connectors for example RJ45. RJ45 connector is an 8-position, 8-contact (8P8C) modular plug and jack, which is commonly used to connect computers onto Ethernet-based local area networks (LAN). RJ45 cable plug is usually made of a plastic piece with eight pins on the port.

An HDMI connector is a vital I/O (input-output) hardware component in many modern pieces of entertainment or communications equipment. They enable HDMI cables to transfer uncompressed digital signals from any suitable audio-video (A/V) source to the receiver or display device it's plugged in to.
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HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90° Angle Adapter HDMI Male to HDMI Female 90 Angle Adapter

90 degree angle adapter

Our Price: $21.00
HDMI Adapter (Male to Female) - Swivel HDMI Adapter (Male to Female) - Swivel 90 Degrees

Swivels 90, 3 inches long, 1 inch wide.

Our Price: $23.00
RJ-45 Modular Plugs RJ-45 Modular Plugs, 100 pk.

Used with UTP Cat5, Cat5e - Designed for Solid cable

Our Price: $25.00