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TV Mount Demos

Wall Mount World Articulating Category overview

This video is an overview of our Wall Mount World store category Articulating and what it means when shopping for a mount. Articulating refers to a wall mount that as you pull it out from wall you can swing it to the left or right as well as being able to turn the TV sideways left and right.

Omnimount Play40 has 4 way movement up, down, left, right

Wall Mount World sells this "motorized flip down TV ceiling mount bracket" that fits most 50" to 60" LCD, LED, OLED, and plasma TVs, up to 35 1/2 in. (90.17 cm.) high by 57 in. (144.78 cm.) wide (outside dimensions). The perfect flip down style ceiling mount that is used for flush or in ceiling applications.

Universal Mounts UADD-UNIV

This Wall Mount World video shows the WMW-4055 in operation. This Dual Arm Articulating TV wall mount is designed to support large displays 37" to 55". One of this mounts incredible features is its ability to extend your TV 32" from the wall.

Securmount WA-30 interface plate

Wall Mount World brings you this Instructional video that will show you how the interface plate of the Securmount WA-30 attaches to the arm that extends from the wall to the TV. This video shows you both the front side of the Securmount WA-30 interface plate with the vertical arms.

Overview of the WMW-DualStud40 Wall Mount for 32" to 70" LCD TVs

ere is a demo of the features and functionality of the WMW-DualStud40. Designed to mount on two studs for secure mounting. It will swivels a 70" TV 180 degrees.

Pulldown Fireplace TV Wall Mount for 32" to 60" TVs

In this Wall Mount World instructional Video you we see the operation of our Fireplace TV wall mount. We will demonstrate how our fireplace wall mount unit moves up and down as much as 30 inches. The fireplace TV wall mount bracket attaches to brick as shown in the video.